The Definition

Life over ego is a slogan that I came up with after making a lot of yoga shirt designs. While searching through different life and yoga sayings one day, I found the slogan, “Soul Over Ego.” It stuck with me. When I do yoga or zumba (or anything that could be embarrassing ), I tend to quit or not do it at all, because I don’t want to do it unless I’m good at it. But yoga isn’t about being good; it’s about meditation, relaxation, and being fit. I then realized that I should just live my life how I see fit even though in the world’s eyes, “I’m not good enough”. So Life Over Ego was born.

The Lifestyle

#lifeoverego is a lifestyle that I am trying to live right now. So many times we forget that life is short. We live our lives so busy and unaware that life is just passing us by. Yes, we are trying to make lives better for our family and find success in our career or business. But we define our own success; it can’t be defined by what the dictionary says or what others believe success is.

For me success is defined by a happy kid and husband, money in the bank, and good time management, at least for this season in my life. Because of this, I choose live life happy with very low expectations to meet the world’s standards.

The Design

With the logo design, I was looking for something simple. I’m a mathematician, so naturally something like a fraction came into mind. I wanted “Life” and “Ego” to have different fonts to make them stand out. By coloring the word “life,” it serves as a reminder that life should be enjoyable. Lastly, the tagline describes my journey through my life these past few years. I went from solving problems as a graduate student studying Mathematics to solving problems as a mom.

That’s just an overview of this blog, Life Over Ego. Comment below on what you think about the logo or the slogan or pretty much anything you want.