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Marianne Larson

I am a wife to a very hard-working man for four and a half years and a mom of a sweet and very unique little girl. I’m also a problem solver and have been for most of my life. I consider myself a mathematician after graduating from college with a degree in Actuarial Science and pursuing a Master’s degree in Mathematics (currently nine credits short).
Ever since I gave birth to my baby girl, I’ve had many ups and down. It took me a long while to adjust to life as a wife and mom. Majority of it was due to my insecurities and guilt about not being good enough and having to work part-time so that my husband can continue his business. What we both realized was that, we were trying to adjust to a lifestyle that both of us didn’t want. We needed to enjoy life together as a family and just be happy. 
our sweet little girl

Our Sweet Little Girl

Me and My Husband

Me and My Husband

my dog ptolemy

Our Family Dog - Ptolemy

As I was on this journey to being happy, I discovered that the insecurities and unhappiness that I was feeling was due to the fact that I was an introvert trying to live in an extrovert world. I soon realized that the pressures I was feeling to live up to certain expectations where things out my control. It didn’t fit me; It didn’t fit who I am.  I have now accepted this and am living my life day by day being happy without the burden of having to be the world’s best mom and wife because I am the best mom and wife to my family.
I started this blog as a creative outlet to express those things that I’ve been learning and this lifestyle that I am starting to build with my family. My personality is very much introverted; pride and fear often get in the way of things that I want to do. This blog serves as a reminder for me (and I hope for you) that living your life happy is better than the pride and fear that gets in the way. Despite what others think, being healthy and alive is what will make every day worthwhile.