glady's porter zoo

Hi, all! So lately I have been dabbling into some photography. I’ve taken some eCourses to learn how to use my DSLR. But taking pictures of animals at Glady’s Porter Zoo gave me a chance to practice what I’ve learned. These pictures came straight out of my camera, unedited.

Our zoo has a lot of animals. Since I have a toddler and an infant, we weren’t able to see all of them. I took pictures of every animal that we looked at. However, the pictures in this gallery only show the ones that came out decent to good. Hopefully, in the future, as my photography skills improve, I will be able to take better pictures and not have to delete a majority of them.

Gallery of animals from Glady’s Porter Zoo

I couldn’t remember the names of some of the animals. So, I used Google Lens to identify a majority of them by myself. Most of them I found on Wikipedia. Knowing that fact, I’m not sure of the accuracy of the ones I’ve named.

I hope you enjoy these pictures from my local zoo. I welcome all your comments and critiques.
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