With the talk of cold, influenza and other sicknesses deluging our bodies and senses, I desire to show you 5 winter essential oil blends to diffuse in your house. Keeping it a healthy sanctuary this season!

Thankfully, vital oils can offer us some support and relief when it concerns cold and flu season. While there are SO many winter season vital oil blends that can be utilized, actually just a few oil powerhouses can have a significant impact when you’re not rather feeling yourself and to speed along the healing process. Perhaps help keep you from getting ill in the very first place!

Why diffuse? For me, I discover it’s an easy way to keep my home much healthier. Plus, it typically smells fantastic! I do use oils topically when needed and in other ways. Diffusing vital oils throughout the day helps to destroy air-borne microorganisms. It’s one big (and simple!) approach to fill our house with immune enhancing properties.


Sinus Refresher

This blend is a great method to help open the sinuses (peppermint), stop the runny nose (lavender), and brings gentle relief while promoting your breathing.

3 parts Peppermint + 1 part Wild Orange + 1 Part Lavender + 1 Part Eucalyptus

Immune Booster

Kick the germs to the side by improving the body immune systems of all those in your house with this diffuser mix. Usage during cold and influenza season is recommended to assist with avoidance.

2 parts Clove Bud + 2 parts Lemon + 1 part Cinnamon Bark + 1 part Eucalyptus + 1 part Rosemary

Sweet Sleep

When you simply need REST to conquer feeling under the weather, diffuse this mix to aid with sweet sleep.

Equal parts Lavender + Sandalwood + Cedarwood

Nobody Get’s Sick

To keep clear breathing and healthy immune response in cold and flu ridden winter months, keep this blend handy.  Also water down fractional coconut oil for use on the bottom of your feet and back of the neck if you begin to feel any symptoms.

5 drops Eucalyptus + 5 drops Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil) + 6 drops Wild Orange

Influenza Bomb

If the cold or flu raids your home, this is a mix that will assist you a little faster and bring some relief. Besides diffusing, this is another blend that performs well when you dilute with fractional coconut oil. Use on the bottom of your feet and back of the neck if you begin to feel any signs. (It’s NOT my favorite of aromas; however, it works!)

4 drops Lemon + 2 drops Oregano + 2 drops Melaleuca + 2 drops Shield (or Clove Bud and Eucalyptus) + 2 drops Frankincense

What about you? Know of some seasonal essential oil blends that are keeping you and your family healthy? We ‘d love to hear! Share with us in the comments.

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