From afar, I am in total wonder of the sacrifice, the tedious days, the continuous work, and the humbleness of the heart and hands it takes to produce a house that is fit to school your children.

Homeschooling is by no means not the easy route out. It is not a competition versus the school system. It is not a blow to other families that choose public school. And it is not a “Better Mom” thing to do.

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Your teaching excels your position as a Homeschool Mother. Know that you are a Fantastic Homeschool Mama. You sacrifice yourself daily. Homeschooling may not be the route all will take, but to all the mothers that are doing it, good job.

The moment we do not see the position as a homeschool mom as a calling, we ourselves can induce our children to not see it as a God given calling.

Homeschooling your child(ren) is a calling and needs to be held as a standard to being called.

After some research, I wanted to share some Christian based school homeschool blogs.

Homeschooling is also not just for Christian Moms, I want to get that cliché out of the way right now. Homeschooling is a calling for any mom. It’s the faith of God that makes our homeschools different for our families.

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The moment we do not see the position as a homeschool mom as a calling, we ourselves can induce our children to not see it as a God given calling.

That is why I love the I am His Virtues Toolbox site. It provides moms a monthly toolkit of everything for your preschooler and young age homeschool child. It opened my eyes to what I can be teaching my children. Things that a school wouldn’t be able to.

15 Homeschool Mom Blogs – Practical Joy for Every Mom

Having three children in less than five years was a shock to my whole being.  Not only had I not been trained for motherhood, I had not been developed to live a selfless life. No one told me about how much I would have to give, how much I would have to sacrifice–forever!  – Sally Clarkson Blog – Faith, Education, Family – Christ Follower, Homeschool Mom, Educational Blogger

“We have been homeschooling “officially” since October 2009. We pulled our two oldest boys from public school just 8 weeks into the school year. I had no problem with the school (it was one of the best in the county) or the teachers (both were incredible and even Christians). We simply knew that God had been leading us to homeschool for a while, and we had been ignoring the call.”  – Kristi Clover Blog – Homeschool Curriculum Reviews – Inspiration for your home and homeschool life. – Helping moms goes from stressed to blessed.

Homeschooling for me is not just about teaching my kiddos math, science, reading, etc.  It’s about leading my kiddos to Christ and giving them that Christ Centered foundation they will need in life and that is a 24/7 kind of job.

Teaching my them at home allows me to make sure they are well educated Spiritually and Academically!  I can teach each subject at the pace THEY need it – making sure they have truly absorbed each lesson before they move on to a new one. I absolutely LOVE how you can tailor your lessons, days, quarters and years to each of your children and that I can include the Word of God into every lesson. Now that’s learning at its finest!!! – Homeschoolinmama Blog

we are intentional with our life and that includes our homeschool.” Chantel – Resources, free printables, & encouragement for Homeschool families. – Homeschool Mom Blog with free printables, curriculum, preschool, and more. – Embracing Proverbs 31

“God created us for motherhood. He has blessed us and made us mothers. He never expected us to be perfect, instead, He is perfecting us daily through our motherhood journey. God desires for us is that we will more and more like Jesus every day and He uses our daily motherhood struggles to mold and shape our character.”    – The Musings of Mum Blog

What are you favorite homeschool mom blogs you like to visit for encouragement and homeschool help?

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